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If you have demanded quality when buying your equipment, you should do the same when buying the necessary spare parts or requesting quality service.                     


Ipacol replacement parts go through the same manufacturing process as the components of your equipment, ensuring the productivity and durability needed for longer life.                     


Remember that to ensure the productivity and durability of equipment is essential to use the lubricants that meet the requirements, recommended in the respective Operation Manuals.                     


Lubrication Standards: For ISO 68 hydraulic oil, for SAE 85W-90 and 140 transmissions                         


IMPORTANT: When ordering spare parts from the factory, refer to the parts catalog attached to the Operation Manual and indicate the machine characteristics, model, number and other data required for ordering:                         


Next to it is the demo image of a nameplate you find on the Ipacol machines. Use it to get accurate information about your machine when ordering parts.                         

Placa de Identificação das Máquinas Ipacol
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To be answered by our ipacol technical assistance, make an appointment or ask questions, simply fill out the form below:


Download the MASS-68 balance software here.

 With it you control your loading and unloading formulas
directly from your computer.
The procedure for installation is very quick and its use is very simple.

Download software
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