The manufacturing of the Ipacol brand agricultural equipment began in 1976, through the perseverance of its founding partner Ildo Parise. The growth and constant demand for equipment gave rise to the company Ildo Parise Industria e Comercio de Maquinas Agricolas Ltda., Founded in 1990.

The expansion of the agricultural equipment lines combined with the commitment to quality, together with the commitment of the founder's children, consolidated the Ipacol brand in an increasingly demanding consumer market.

A história da IPACOL iniciou em 1964.
Primeiro caminhão ipacol Primeira máquina ipacol

And it was in 2003 that the brand became part of the name of the company, which was then founded, Ipacol Máquinas Agrícola Ltda, together with the expansion of the factory park.

The Ipacol brand trajectory has solidified more and more over the years, winning important awards. Innovation and technology are the beginnings for all these achievements and for the next to come.

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Primeira máquina ipacol

“We want to continue to meet all requirements,
                    for greater comfort and farmer satisfaction. ”


Offer agile and intelligent solutions in products and services, with a commitment to the constant pursuit of quality and excellence in agricultural implements, appropriate to the needs of the agribusiness sector.


Technological developments, with investments in research and development, providing satisfactory results on its range of agribusiness implements and services.


Appreciation of employees and teamwork; Transparency and ethics in our relationships; Credibility and respect with our suppliers and customers; Simplicity, Pioneering and Creativity; Commitment to the environment; Excellence in products and services; Social responsability; Constant Developments.



Family Farming Gold Trophy Award for the VFMH 1.5 Hydraulic Forage Wagon equipment, in the Highlight category. The Gerdau Melhores da Terra Award has the general objective of contributing to the improvement of agricultural production and productivity, to the quality of life of the populations and to the preservation of the environment.